Bruinekool, Roger Original Oil on Canvas Signed 32X45 1 of a Kind 1970’s

Bruinekool, Roger Original Oil on Canvas Signed 32X45 1 of a Kind 1970's
Bruinekool, Roger Original Oil on Canvas Signed 32X45 1 of a Kind 1970's

Bruinekool, Roger Original Oil on Canvas Signed 32X45 1 of a Kind 1970's
“The Refined Line Works of Roger Bruinekool”. 1970’s Original Oil on Canvas. 1 of a Kind at age 82, the accomplished local artist continues exploring the fundamentals of color and form, refining his mastery. A wander through octogenarian artist Roger Bruinekools with decades of workand a continued exploration of mastery, from portraits to landscapes to abstract and non-objective work. The smell of oil paint hangs nonintoxicating in the air. Bruinekool never stops working, never stops playing. Im still a working artist, he explains. Im getting the curves and the balance of one line against another lineIm looking for a look. His humility at explaining this continued searching doesnt translate for the reader well his finesse with color theory and compositionmany paintings nearly vibrate with mastery of the fundamentals. The fundamentals, he notes, that it takes to be able to create quality artwhether youre mastering hyper-realism or non-objective color studies. Im a pool player, he begins his analogy. Now, in order to shoot pool, youve got to have your fundamentals. You have to know how to hold the cue, you have to know the anglesand art is the same thing. You have to know something about color; you have to know about perspective even if you dont use it that often; you have to know something about balance and design and drawing. This is important for any serious artist. You should know how to draw the human figure, he says. You have no business doing abstract art unless you can first of all do the realistic art, realism. He lists off the modern and abstract artists we so famously know for their part in moving the art world forward but may not remember so clearly their early work in the fundamentals:Picasso. A look around Bruinekools studio and apartment show that he practices what he preaches. Next to an abstracted work is a realistic landscape; next to that a hyper realist painting of a twisted interior of a Coke can; next to that a tender portrait of his late wife. Bruinekool, who has been working as an artist for decades, started his career in advertising after graduating from Kendall and moving to Miami and then later New York City. I was a Mad Men, says the octogenarian of his early life in advertising. But I really didnt take fineart seriously until 1960. Since then, there have been quite a few shifts in his work. The shifts continue and theres no indication hell settle into just reproducing the same work over and over. Richard Bruinekool is not slowing down. The older I get, the more abstract and more contemporary my outlook is on art, he says. Art needs a creative edge. If you cant disturb somebody with your artif a wow cant come out of looking at your paintingsthen its boringsafe is not comfortable in art. Youve got to stir it up a little bit. His work is worth slowing down to really look at up close, and to take sometime to get to know this fascinating artistic sage while you explore the work hes created, hoping for a wow to jump out of our mouths. You know, I have fun with art, he says. Thats the whole idea of it, isnt it? Art should be an expression and get your attention. Bruinekool, a graduate of the Kendall School of Design in 1957, has a wonderful history in our region over the decades, from being a member of the creative team that launched in 1982 On The Ground Magazine, to a two-time competing artist at Art Prize. Known for his abstract artworks, Bruinekool after graduating from KCAD, spent about a quarter of a century painting and working as graphic designer and art director in Miami, Fresno, New York, Los Angeles, and Kingston, Jamaica before returning to Grand Rapids in 1974. He has also had two solo exhibitions of his works at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). From his 2007 GRAM exhibition, Kate Nagengast captured this quote from Bruinekool: “My goal is to attend to computational elements in a way that evokes an adventure for the eye, ” he said. Real objects are combined to form a composition in which they lend themselves to abstraction and the apparent abstraction helps the viewer to see his or her reality in a new way. The item “Bruinekool, Roger Original Oil on Canvas Signed 32X45 1 of a Kind 1970’s” is in sale since Sunday, November 4, 2018. This item is in the category “Art\Paintings”. The seller is “welli_us2015″ and is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Medium: Oil
  • Subject: Abstract
  • Style: Abstract
  • Region of Origin: US
  • Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
  • Painting Surface: Canvas
  • Features: Signed
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Width (Inches): 45″
  • Height (Inches): 32″
  • Originality: Original
  • Artist: Bruinekool
  • Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work
  • Size: Large (up to 60in.)

Bruinekool, Roger Original Oil on Canvas Signed 32X45 1 of a Kind 1970's

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